About Ukraine:
  • A country in Eastern Europe, the neighbouring country is Russia. It takes pride in offering free education to all its citizens.
  • The literacy rate is definitely high as the education is free
  • This system is very much advantageous to an international student as you can choose the university which offers free education.
  • Till now the higher education state funded or privately paid.
  • Many universities help students to find accommodation by subsidized government provide or some private institutions.
  • This is why Ukraine is considered as one of the best for its education system.
 Why study in Ukraine:
  • The education is free to everyone by the government so this country is the best option
  • High literacy rate due to the education being free when compared to the other countries
  • Another clean advantage is libraries gives out book for free to the students who are pursuing higher education.
  • Many universities are government subsidized so you need not to worry as it will assist you in completing you education.
  • Ukraine is considered as most advanced country in providing ideological and quality education.
  • You need to submit a acceptance letter from the university you choose to study proving that you are admitted in to the course of  your choice
  • Valid passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • CV
  • Any more requirements you need to visit the Embassy of Ukraine in your home town.
Working in Ukraine:
  • Students who have residence should get a work permit at Police and Border Guard Board.
  • You need written confirmation from the university you are studying
  • The period of validity of residence permit is the validity of work permit
  • Processing of application takes for one to two months
  • Ukrainians work 40hrs a week
  • You send a motivation letter and CV to a potential employer to get a preferred job.
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