Why Russia:
  • Is highly educated country with almost half the population educated
  • Rich old and education enriched courses
  • Provides comfortable studies

Is named Russian Federation, capital city Moscow the language is Russian and uses Cyrillic alphabet based on Greek with 140 other languages and dialects.

The people are Russian orthodox in majority and next come Muslims and economy beams with major industries of oil, natural gas, coal and strategic mineral, ship building, medical scientific instruments and textiles.

The economy is changing fro centrally managed to a market economy. All major multinational companies and their bands are present in Russia today.

The education system:
  • The duration of education for medical or engineering depends on the medium of instruction the student choose.
  • The student choosing Russian as the medium takes seven years to complete engineering course and one year for Russian language training period.
  • Students studying both the courses in medicine need to undergo one year internship.
  • Those who opt for English as the medium need not to undergo training at the preparatory faculty.

Russian have a universal system of free education and a literacy rate 99%, compulsory education ends at age 16. About some 12% of people employed have some kind of higher education.

Academic year:
  • Year lasts from September to May and June and is divided in two academic semesters while the examinations are conducted at the end of the terms in each case.


  • There are hostel for students following sanitary measurements of Russian government
  • One to three people can stay in each room which are available with all the basic furniture.
  • Visa & working: Working is allowed in free time or during holidays
  • One has to complete the application of visa in the embassy of Russia in their home town.
  • Covering letter from the university on has intended to join.
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