About Romania:

Is the country in central south Eastern Europe and is semi- Presidential Republic. The people here are very helpful and friendly, adding its history which is old and rich. The capital is Bucharest and consists of 30% of higher education universities.

Economically it’s a big industry and bound to 150 countries economically and culturally. Most of the Romanians speak English fluently even though official language is Romania.

The academic excellence is in its peaks with well infrastructure universities, with diverse programmes of courses with high standards. The living costs are low compared to other European member countries. The education certification brings many ig opportunities anywhere in the world.

A great and thrilling experience to study in Romania, as you find the cultural society amusing around you in this beautiful country.

Why Romania:
  • Reasonable tuition fees and one of the lowest in the Europe
  • Affordable living prices as cost of living is economical
  • European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is present in Romania that guarantees an easy transfer of a student to another country in Europe for further studies.
  • The students who want pursue higher education can find a diverse and choices in the courses available in Romania universities.
  • Looking for a satisfying job then studying in Romania helps you to be unique and gives many opportunities to work in any part of the world.

This is due to the education system that unfolds practical education style is more prominent.

Romania is a kind of country which helps you to reach your destination and gives a lot of socio cultural experiences that dominate the traditional Romania.

  • Documents required:
  • A acceptance proof from the ministry of education, Research and Earth that he/she as a third country national you would like to study here
  • Medical insurance till the validity of period of visa
  • Proof to show at least one year tuition fee
  • If underage then he/she has to submit parents or foster parents to give an approval.

Work in Poland: the student can work 21 hrs as per as the schedule per day.

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