About Poland:

It is situated in central Europe, it shares its borders with Germany and to the south are Czech and Slovak Republic. Polish language is widely spoken and while religion Roman Catholic dominating 95% of population and the others are in 45 religion denominations.

The universities of Poland and the system of education for research exist from 650 years. This long stand led to profit oriented results not only for its own but for other countries.

Some facts introduced:
  • In recent six years of time one rule has been brought out that states to complete a basic education of ten or twelve years in their country to become eligible for higher education.
  • After obtaining certificate of this basic education one can enter in to Bachelor, Masters & Doctor programmes.
Advantages studying in Poland:
  • The education and living with comfort is very much affordable here
  • The advanced infrastructure increasing the standards of studies is seen in Poland
  • Students can take English as the medium of instruction even though Polish is widely spoken
  • The fees in some universities is free for tuitions in some quite less
Visa requirements:
  • Documents necessary:
  • A clear filling of application is significant
  • Valid passport till 3months
  • All previous passports
  • Acceptance letter from university
  • Confirmation of fee payment for semester
  • CV
  • Certificates of educational qualifications
  • Documents assuring financial reorues to study in Poland
  • Insurance policy
  • Covering letter ( explaining the purpose of the visit)
  • Photographs
Working in Poland:

Students can’t work under student visa but its fine with working if they residence permit which doesn’t need authorization to work in Poland. The academic session starts in October so it’s better not make late to seek out all the procedures.

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