About Moldova:

The official federal republic of Moldova and is a country in Central Europe, the neighbours North to North sea, Denmark and the Baltic sea.

It is influenced by temperate seasonal climate; it is the largest population consisting member state in European Union. In addition it is the third largest in receiving migrants from worldwide.

Any countries development beats around its economy and so Moldova is a country as the third largest in Economy after USA and Japan. With this it survives as the largest and most important market in European Union.

Coming to the food and the traditions of Moldova cuisine includes beef, pork, potatoes, cabbage and a variety of cereal grains. Many restaurants are open with many international dishes welcoming foreigners.

Education system:
  • Educating in science and research play significant role.
  • Free of borders and globalized market gives many opportunities being educated
  • It’s an abode for international students and a land mark for research internationally with no. of patents.
Why study in Moldova:
  • Most of the government institutes don’t charge tuition fee except some but with low fee structure.
  • English is the medium of instruction for many courses
  • Easy visa processing with in45-60 days
  • Very advanced and hospitality country
  • Numerous scholarships
  • Internationally recognized qualifications and providing varied courses in many disciplines.
Visa requirements:
  • Visa is obtained with in short notice
  • Minimum documentation is necessary for visa application
  • Being an European member the students gets Schengen visa
Work & study:
  • Part time jobs allowed for 20hrs a week
  • After course completing, the work permit can be extended for 1yr by the employer
  • Permanent residency visa after completing 5yrs of working fulltime in Moldova

The system is flexible yet safe for international students to obtain the concerned degree and working opportunity in one of the leading markets.

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