How to get a visa:
  • You need to get a letter from the university you are planning to study which can be submitted in the Kyrgyzstan embassy in your home town.
  • Your certificates
  • Valid passport
  • Two passport size photographs


  • You need to carry your own medical set for emergency purpose
  • Avoid drinking tap water even though it is bacteria free, it is high in concentration of metals.
  • Better to carry cash as they will be limited ATM’s and some hotels use swipe machines.
  • Public transportation

The education offered is very economical with low cost fees yet quality in education. The major religion is Muslim and the country is secular and cultural. The climate is continental climate with cold winters and warm summers.

  • Meat is the livestock in majority so it the tradition and modern Kyrgyz cuisine.
  • Serving dumplings on the top of noodles or the rice
  • Spicy soups and dumpling filled with vegetables dumped in cream.

Kyrgyzstan is a country in central Asia, its unique for its ancient culture which is protected by its mountain this land locked country neighbours countries like China, Kazakhstan etc.

This country holds many universities including both state and private options. Many institutions on studies of technology and in addition many colleges offer many Asian courses. The medium of instruction is English and Russian in which Russian is predominant.

Studying here gives you an opportunity to understand Asian culture and ancient cultures that are still rooted on these lands.

Academic year:

Starts with a fall semester in September and a spring semester which concludes in may. And other periods take place depending on the universities and graduation or undergraduate courses.

Tuition costs:

To be a part of an institute one has to pass all the examinations conducted by the university. The fees change based on the course.


Can work in international market to advertise the ancient culture of Asian traditions mostly after graduation.

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