This country is struggling to dominate many countries in the field to provide better education system for the international students. They are fast in claiming the place for a quality education system in the competitive world.

It is pioneering as the regional study industry in the Central Asia. Most of the population in Kazakhstan has is not only the natives but international human resources are also got fixed year increasing the standards of education sector. While this lead to global collaborations attracting international students to take part in the large role to be played in the education system development.


Largest and ninth biggest country in the world, Kazakhstan is landlocked in majority of its area covered with mountains, hills, desserts, deltas, lakes and flatlands. The country is rich in the resources of oil and gas and an economical free country in the central ASIA.

There are still nomadic traditions seen in some parts of Kazakhstan mostly in rural areas where agriculture dominates the employment. There is a pleasant invitation on every face to welcome a foreigner and they treat their guests with utmost care and respect even in meal times sharing larger proportion to the guests. There will be no difficulty in settling down in this country as anyone would be pleased to help so.

Astana is the city playing major role as the capital city and a hub for higher education. The teaching is entirely in English and courses have been developed from many other countries holding prestigious universities in the world.

Applying to the Universities in Kazakhstan:
  • You need to show a proof of your secondary education
  • Sometimes you need to take part in interview through the phone or face to face except if you can’t directly visit the Kazakhstan.
  • You might be taken for an entrance or examined in the language the medium in which you will study the course. For example your medium of instruction is English then you should be proficient in English.


  • A student visa should be applied
  • You need to detail out about you to the university to receive an invitation letter to be submitted in the embassy.
  • On arrival you need to register with the local authorities within five days.
  • Valid passport is required and passport size photos and also consular fee in the consulate of Kazakhstan.

Safety: this country is safe and emerging as the most advanced in higher education in quality and safety terms. Everyone is friendly and most of the universities offer scholarships.

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