Indian Manpower Supply Company  can help you identify the most efficient and cost effective international recruiters

Attracting and selecting the right person for the job is such a vital activity. The whole process of recruitment can be very time consuming, expensive and can also bring with it many dangers especially with the local employment legislations – you have to be very careful!

The costs of getting it wrong can be very expensive indeed! If you think that the costs associated with recruiting the wrong person are bad enough, the costs can be even higher for you both in monetary terms if you do not comply with local labor law legislations.

We can put your mind at rest by getting the best person for the job and at the same time make sure that you do everything by the book from a legal perspective.

We can help you with your one-off appointments or major recruitment drives by completing the whole process or a part of the process like writing a particular job description or selection criteria – no job is too big or small.

Here is a list of the recruitment services that we can help you with:
Identifying the requirements and need for the role
• Benchmarking salaries
• Recommending most appropriate recruiters
• Candidate screening
• Candidate profiling
• Long listing applicants
• Short-listing applicants
• Psychometric assessments
• Interviewing
• Gathering references
• Design offer letter and contract of employment
• Job analysis
• Application and CV screening
• Interviewing and interviewer training
• Recruitment assessment
• Leadership potential and motivation interviewing
• 360 Design and Feedback
• Development Planning
• Executive “Top Team” Development & Coaching
• Succession Planning


We at Indian Manpower Supply Company  provide ultimate staffing solutions as well as many other services. Our services include providing the best manpower to our clients plus many more business solutions, like the payroll services and many more. But for that we need to be very stringent in our selections procedure. Our state of the art facility as well as the expert technical staff provides the best selection of candidates from the thousands, who apply or submit their resume to our company.

The prospective candidates, whom our expert HR officials think have the highest order of efficiency and knowledge of the job, have to go through some industry specific experts, who will evaluate their skills and qualifications as well as other factors like the cost-effectiveness, previous experience, and how much they know about the subject which they have qualified for, to ensure that the vacancies at our client’s company are filled with the best professionals. As good as the manpower of a company is, the more productive it will become and eventually more profit would be earned by the company from the business.

For our clients around the world, Global manpower Co. maintain and update a DATA BANK, which ensures there is a ready availability of the professionals throughout the year, so that our clients doesn’t have to face any sort of trouble while selecting the candidates in any kind of position, when necessity arises. Every issues like the planning to hiring, selection and interview, from the candidates’ arrival at the work-site to their performance, everything is our responsibility. We at Global manpower Co. are promised to provide high quality staffing solutions to our clients. We are a reputed company when it comes to an all round recruitment solution.

We understand the need and value of the efficient, effective as well as a specialized human resource at any sector of business. We understand that when the demand is of an efficient workforce arises, especially in a dynamic and sensitive business where there is a huge investment; no one can take a chance. Considering these factors we provide the full proof solutions which have made us set an example in the recruitment industry. Our model of selection and recruitment has been followed by many of the smaller group of companies in this field of business.

We provide manpower solutions to the sectors like :
• Mining / Oil and gas
• Engineering / Construction
• Hospitality staffs
• Retail staffs
• Mall workers
• IT staff
• Security staffs

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