Indian Manpower Supply Company  has a proven record of placing the right person in the right job. Our success is due to our Perfect Recruitment Program, a consultative approach that details, from start to finish, how you will be presented with a perfect candidate.
• Customer Analysis to understand who you are and how we can be your perfect staffing    partner.
• Sourcing to locate candidates through the local community, niche resources and on the    Web.
• Screening to identify the desired skills, experience and temperament critical to a successful    placement.
• Selection to make an offer and ensure the candidate is capable of meeting the job    requirements.
• Negotiate pay package and other benefits.
• Performance Monitoring to continually provide the highest level of service in the staffing    industry.
• Through this program, we reduce your attrition costs from loss of productivity to re-hire and
decrease the time associated with the recruiting process by effectively sourcing and screening the new employee.

Indian Manpower Supply Company   know that employees are the main asset to your company as well as an investments which can give you return beyond your expectations. We also feel extremely honoured to have the responsibility of providing the manpower for your company and promise our clients to go to every limit to carry out the responsibility with efficiency, which has been entrusted on us.

Indian Manpower Supply Company   follow a strong and strict recruitment procedure to ensure that only the best human resource is available to the clients. The whole Recruitment Procedure by the Indian Manpower Supply Company  . is well planned and is conducted in few steps. The main step of this procedure includes the collection of data about the candidates. As a leading brand of manpower supplying company, there are hundreds of application submitted to us manually or through emails. We have our own data banks prepared through the various applications submitted, which helps to shortlist the candidates for the various clients as well for the associate companies. The highly efficient and experienced technical consultants approve the candidates for further rounds of selection procedure.

When it comes to manpower resourcing the Indian Manpower Supply Company  . has got the best in class technical consultants to provide best possible solutions to its clients. We have successfully placed skilled and semi-skilled workers in the reputed companies all around the world. But before providing the clients with the prospective candidates, we scrutinize to ensure that the candidate is well equipped in the subject he or she has studies and the job involving it.

The candidates are then presented to the employers or the clients of the Indian Manpower Supply Company. this process is done basically through the electronic media like telephone, or through video conference at our regional offices, whereas the employers are also welcome to our office at any time to have a direct negotiation with the candidates. We also have clients who have high confidence in our state-of-the-art recruitment process, and find it needless to go for the credibility of the final selection done by us. Once the final selection is done, our negotiators take up the responsibility to provide the best possible pay scale to the professionals.

The next and final step is the recruitment of the candidates which is also coordinated by the company officers is to assist the recruited professionals in obtaining required documents, like the medical and visa as well as in the flight arrangements. The officials at the overseas offices attend those clients and help them in the first reporting on-site.

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