It’s not late for the Indian industries to set back in attracting their prospective candidates for the vacancies available with them. With now and then fall and raise of the economy the fluctuations in the Indian industry and their production questions the steadiness of recruitment industry in India.

Recruitment process is initiated with the availability of the position and attracting the talent pool who got that potential required for the job opportunity. While understanding the old model of recruitment process it is mostly through word of mouth and news paper, but the scenario has changed gifting the recruitment process with the modern technological advances like many job portals opened online and social networks playing the role of advertisements connecting people from far across the states, countries.

Thus with the modern recruitment processes the recruitment industry in India is making its mark among the other competitive industries. In the emergence of telecom, ecommerce, insurance sectors on the Indian market floors, its welcoming more job openings and decreasing the tenure of the seniors executives an increasing the chance to the junior executives to take away the available opportunities.

Many of the companies dig their toes in to the outsourcing their staff cyclically just to bear forgo the cost of recruitment process and take away chances of getting hired permanently, or else say only when required as for some big projects. These jobs are entitled as the contract –to-hire-models, jobs for a time based operations, or else testing the candidate before sanctioning the job title. Either the way it’s a very competitive world in the midst of many job openings.

India is growing in versatile industries increasing the export industry and booming globally for its products and brands. This encourages creating more positions in the industry attracting many potential workforce from all over India. This recruitment went beyond the country borders to be recruited in the overseas branches of the Indian origin companies. These countries are larger economies holding a maximum market share globally.

Indian companies each with larger market share, made their roots more strong by not only building strong in exports but marketing their brands penetrating rurally. This aims at bringing more openings for rural India and a bigger labor force for its increased production. Thus converting the rural into urban and a place to develop with all facilities.

Whatever sector may it be, India is rich with job opportunities with right job, right place, at right time. Many recruitment agencies popped out, many are ruling the market while some are growing, by pulling out the jobs, vacancies, at the right place for potential prospective candidates. Many are online with their arms stretched globally and in the home towns, saving the economy by bringing together the opportunity and the potential job seeker.



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