Indian Manpower Supply Company  can offer a fully managed payroll service that is tailored to your organisational requirements.

We offer a personal service where you will have an account manager who understands your organisation, how you operate and therefore can integrate seamlessly into your day to day operations.

Managing your payroll is a time-consuming process that can pose a significant compliance challenge. Partner with TriNet to outsource your payroll administration. Our payroll services help you optimize the payroll function, mitigate payroll and tax-related risk, and give you more time to do what you do best: grow your business.

Outsource payroll administration for peace of mind. Our payroll administration services include:

Payroll processing and administration with direct deposit and debiting for seamless payrolls
• Paperless payroll option, including e-pay stubs for employees
• Payroll and billing reports available online each pay period
• Electronic W-2 preparation and delivery
• Payroll and employment tax processing and payments
• Tracking and processing of paid time off (PTO)
• Time and attendance management
• Simplified payroll submittal through Edgewater’s secure portal

Gain valuable insight with detailed payroll reports. Access multiple reports to gain important insight into your HR, payroll and benefits spending :
• More than 20 standard payroll, billing and HR reports
• Available in easy-to-read PDF or CSV export formats
• Payroll registers
• Job costing reports
• Departmental sort options
• Employee data reports

Experience fast and friendly payroll administration and HR support services. Our representatives are trained in all areas of human resources, including payroll, payroll tax, wages and employee benefits. With a simple phone call, an HR Team professional can facilitate all of your payroll administration and other HR management needs.

Supplement your payroll services with these convenient options:
Employee Self-service :
Empower employees to manage their own employee information online with access to view pay stubs, make address changes, track paid time off, view W–2s and more

Direct Deposit :
Allow employees to automatically deposit paychecks into their bank accounts

Payroll Deductions :
Let us administer your payroll deductions. We can manage deductions for health and welfare benefits, retirement plans, uniforms, advances and more

Industry Specialization:
HR Is Not One-Size-Fits-All Edgewater offers three bundled HR products; each designed to meet the specific needs of companies in different industries. The specialization and focus enables each product to leverage deep industry expertise and best practices to perfect the service for clients.To learn more about how Edgewater’s Payroll Services & Tax Administration are tailored to match your specific needs, click on the Edgewater Global bundled HR product below aligned with your industry

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