Indian Manpower Group is well known for providing employees for diverse fields. Along with workers of various qualifications we also provide our clients time basis workers. If you are looking for some experienced personnel to work with you for a particular project then our company can bring you the right type of contractual worker you are searching for. We have separate recruiting process for permanent and contractual personnel. Like the permanent personnel contractual contractors are chosen on various criteria.

On the first place, our focus remains on our clients criteria. Contractor selections are mainly based on two types While recruiting experienced contractual personnel, our team advertises it to the other working companies so that, the candidates may join our clients on contractual basis. Our selection board scrutinizes the resume and type of experience before calling them to final interview. Experiences of the applicants are tallied with the requirement of our client to provide them with the perfect type of contractual employees.

The experienced personnel are also selected on the basis of their cost effectiveness. Negotiation on compensations is done by our professional to maintain the cost limit mentioned by our clients. Our company bears the responsibility right from selection of the personnel to the final positioning of him/her. After the recruitment and negotiation our company assists the contractual employee to fulfill the formality of the contract issued by our client. Till the signing of the final contract we allow full freedom of decision to the applicant.

Though done almost in similar process, the selection of unskilled or fresher contractual candidates is done with a few more additional steps. On the first place, the advertisements for the contractual fresher are given in local media and news paper. Our expert and professional recruitment team scrutinizes each and every resume to search for the potential applicant. Applications are also sorted according to the need of our client.

They may need skilled, semi- skilled or unskilled labors. Fresher candidates are generally requires for some particular projects therefore, we test each prospective candidate practically to tally his/ her potential with the requirements of the projects. Negotiation for compensations is done with the skilled and semi-skilled contractual. The fresher candidates are assisted by our experts to go through the nuances of the contract and we assist to complete all formalities on behalf of our client. Our versatility speaks for us as we cater to diverse requirements of our clients.

Indian Manpower Group provides a complete range of General Managed Manpower Services, Technical Operations and Maintenance, including Seismic Survey Support Services, Construction Support Services, Marine Services, Industrial Cooling Support Services, Landscaping, Civil Engineering, Pipeline Support Services, Water Injection Services, Water Intake Support Services, Industrial and Environmental cleaning, Thrust Boring, Irrigation Systems Support Services, Industrial and Commercial Painting, Camp Construction, Palace Refurbishment, Construction of Fish Farms, Outsourced Packaging Operations and Skilled Manpower to execute special assigned works.

We provide you the following candidates both for long term as well as for short term (hourly basis). The cost of one-time recruitment process done by our company is incurred by our clients. we provide you with the privileges like supply of manpower in long-term contract basis and we also incur the cost of recruitment process. In the latter case, our clients have to incur only minor expenses like air-tickets and visa. We are always willing to be your sub contractor if you have your establishment in North Africa or Middle East.

Schedule of Managed Manpower

Civil Trade:

Welder (TIG)
Carpenter Shuttering
Welder (6G)
Carpenter Finishing
Ordinary Welder
Structural Erector
Steel Fixer
Millwright Fitter
Pipe fitter
Pipe Fabricator
Engineer (Civil)
Engineer ( Plumbing )
Engineer ( Mechanical )
Engineer ( Electrical)
Steel Erector
Cladding Worker
HVAC / AC Technician

Mechanical & Electrical:

General Trade
Mechanic Technician
Computer Operator
Mechanic Diesel
Heavy/Light Duty Driver
Instrument Fitter
Crane Operator
Instrument Technician
Dozer Operator
Equipment Operator
Drafts man (Civil & Mechanic)
Duct Worker
Shovel Operator
Tin Smith
Side Boom Operator
Watch Man/Security
Automatic Welder
Auto Electrician
Sand Blaster
Engineer Electrical
Painter / Spray
Engineer Mechanic

Foreman / Leadman

Civil Foreman
Carpenter Foreman
Electrical Foreman
General Foreman
Machinist Foreman
Mason Foreman
Mechanic Foreman
Millwirght Foreman
Pipe Fitter Foreman
Piping Foreman
Rigger Foreman
Scaffolder Foreman
Painter Leadman
Fabricator Leadman
Civil Leadman

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