Indian Manpower Supply Company  offers the following Consultancy Services. Please contact us if you require further information.


  • Organisation Development and Culture Change
    • Strategic Assessment of Organisation Issues
    • Researching and Writing Business Plans for Companies
    • Design and Introduction of HR Strategy for Companies MANAGEMENT EFFECTIVENESS
    • Coaching Skills
    • Mentoring
    • Career Development
    • Introducing Performance Assessment and an ‘Open’ Management Style to
    improve results
    • Team Building
    • Managing Conflict
    • Managing Stress
    • Developing Leadership Skills
    • Problem Solving Techniques
    • Presenting and Communication Skills
    • Assertiveness Training HOW WE OPERATE
    • Free preliminary visit
    • In-depth discussions on the perceived needs
    • Meetings with a cross-section of Executives
    • Collection of data
    • Understanding the culture and style of the organisation PRACTICAL HR MATTERS
    • Setting up HR Functions for New Companies
    • Drafting Employee Handbooks
    • Advising on Industrial and Employee Relations
    • Remuneration Policies
    • Setting up and Managing an Assessment Center for External and Internal
    • Designing Employee Attitude Surveys OUTPLACEMENT PROJECTS
  • One to One Outplacement Service
    • Presentation of CV’s
    • Interview Techniques
    • How to Research the Market
    • Setting up and Managing Career Centres THE NEXT STEPS
  • Assessing and defining the subjects to be addressed
    • Drafting proposed terms of reference for the Project
    • Outlining the time frame for the Project
    • Describing the methods to be used and the involvement with the client and their
    • How progress will be reported and monitored
    • Sending a Business Proposal to the client for approval . The company provides Executive Search, Advertised Selection and Database Search services, as well as bespoke HR consultancy. Our strong working relationships with high calibre Associate Partners throughout Europe, the Far East and the Americas enable us to help clients internationally.We offer a number of services to Candidates considering a job move, and guarantee complete confidentiality. Please see our Candidates’ Section.We know that our clients are in business to make profits and grow. The help we give is focused on adding value to our clients’ businesses. Our mission is to deliver a Recruitment and HR Consultancy Service that exceeds all expectations.
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