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Strengthening Global Workforce: Taiwan’s Search for Skilled Workers in India

In recent years, the global job market has witnessed a significant shift in the movement of skilled labor. Countries with booming economies and thriving industries are constantly on the lookout for talented professionals to fill the gaps in their workforce. One such country that has been actively seeking skilled workers from India is Taiwan. With its rapidly growing economy and expanding industries, Taiwan has recognized the potential of the Indian workforce to contribute significantly to its development. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Taiwan’s interest in recruiting workers from India, the avenues through which India can supply its skilled manpower, and why this partnership benefits both nations.

  1. The Need for Skilled Manpower in Taiwan

Taiwan, often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of Asia,” boasts a robust economy driven by its technology and manufacturing sectors. The demand for skilled professionals in fields such as information technology, engineering, healthcare, and finance has surged in recent years. This demand has arisen due to Taiwan’s rapid industrialization and its emergence as a global leader in technology and innovation.



Why India?

India, on the other hand, stands as one of the largest pools of skilled labor in the world. With a vast population and a strong emphasis on education and skill development, India produces a steady stream of qualified professionals. The Indian workforce is renowned for its technical expertise, adaptability, and innovation, making it an attractive choice for countries like Taiwan seeking to fill their skilled labor gaps.

  1. How Taiwan Can Source Workers from India

There are several avenues through which Taiwan can tap into India’s skilled workforce:

  1. Government Collaboration: The governments of Taiwan and India can collaborate on bilateral agreements that facilitate the smooth recruitment and relocation of Indian professionals to Taiwan. These agreements can outline the legal framework, visa regulations, and worker protections, ensuring a seamless process for both nations.
  2. Recruitment Agencies: Specialized recruitment agencies can bridge the gap between Taiwanese employers and Indian professionals. These agencies can identify suitable candidates, verify their qualifications, and facilitate the necessary paperwork, streamlining the recruitment process for businesses in Taiwan.
  3. Skill Recognition Programs: Taiwan can establish programs to recognize Indian certifications and qualifications, making it easier for Indian professionals to find employment in Taiwan. This mutual recognition of skills promotes trust and facilitates the integration of Indian workers into the Taiwanese workforce.
  4. Job Fairs and Networking Events: Organizing job fairs and networking events in both countries can bring together employers and job seekers. These events provide a platform for Taiwanese companies to interact directly with Indian professionals, fostering a better understanding of each other’s needs and expectations.


  1. Benefits for Taiwan
  2. Diverse Skillsets: India’s workforce encompasses a wide range of skills, from software development and engineering to healthcare and finance. By recruiting professionals from India, Taiwan can access this diverse talent pool, enhancing the overall skillset of its workforce.
  3. Innovation and Creativity: Indian professionals are known for their innovation and problem-solving abilities. By incorporating these creative minds into Taiwanese industries, there is potential for groundbreaking collaborations and the development of innovative solutions to complex challenges.
  4. Cultural Exchange: The presence of Indian professionals in Taiwan fosters cultural exchange and understanding. This diversity enriches the workplace environment and promotes a global perspective, enhancing cooperation between the two nations on various fronts.
  5. Benefits for India
  6. Employment Opportunities: The collaboration between Taiwan and India opens up new avenues of employment for Indian professionals. Job opportunities in Taiwan provide a chance for Indian workers to explore international careers, gain valuable experience, and broaden their horizons.
  7. Skill Enhancement: Working in Taiwan exposes Indian professionals to advanced technologies and methodologies. The knowledge and skills acquired during their tenure in Taiwan can be invaluable, enhancing their expertise and making them more competitive in the global job market.
  8. Remittances: The earnings of Indian workers employed in Taiwan contribute to the Indian economy through remittances. These financial inflows support the livelihoods of families back home and contribute to the economic development of India.


The collaboration between Taiwan and India in the realm of skilled labor benefits both nations immensely. Taiwan gains access to India’s vast talent pool, bringing in diverse skills, innovation, and creativity. Simultaneously, Indian professionals find exciting opportunities in Taiwan, leading to personal and professional growth. As this partnership strengthens, it not only elevates the economies of both countries but also fosters international cooperation and understanding, paving the way for a brighter and more interconnected future on the global stage.


Empowering Taiwan’s Workforce with Skilled Indian Professionals

At Indian Manpower Company, we take pride in our legacy as a leading Indian manpower supply and recruitment agency with over two decades of experience. Established in the heart of India, we have been instrumental in providing skilled and dedicated Indian workers to companies and projects spanning across more than 50 countries worldwide. Recognized for our commitment to excellence, we stand as a trusted partner for businesses seeking proficient and reliable manpower solutions.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Expertise: With 20 years of industry expertise, we have mastered the art of understanding diverse business needs. Our team of experts ensures seamless recruitment processes tailored to your specific requirements.
  2. Diverse Talent Pool: India, known for its diverse and skilled workforce, is our playground. We have access to a vast talent pool encompassing various sectors, ensuring you find the right professionals for your company.
  3. Quality Assurance: Our rigorous screening processes guarantee that you receive candidates who not only meet the technical qualifications but also align with your organizational culture and values.
  4. Global Outreach: Having successfully facilitated placements in more than 50 countries, we possess the necessary global exposure and understanding to bridge the gap between Taiwan’s esteemed companies and India’s talented workforce.

Why Taiwan Companies Should Choose Indian Manpower

  1. Versatile Skill Sets: Indian professionals are renowned for their adaptability and proficiency in diverse fields, including technology, engineering, healthcare, finance, and more. By hiring from our talent pool, your company gains access to versatile skill sets that can drive your business to new heights.
  2. Cultural Harmony: India and Taiwan share a strong commitment to education and professional growth. Indian workers, equipped with a strong work ethic and cultural adaptability, seamlessly integrate into the Taiwanese work environment, fostering harmony and collaboration.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Indian Manpower offers a cost-effective solution for your recruitment needs. By partnering with us, you not only access top-tier talent but also optimize your budget, ensuring a significant return on investment.
  4. End-to-End Support: We provide comprehensive support throughout the hiring process, handling everything from initial candidate screening to the final placement. Our goal is to make your recruitment experience smooth, efficient, and hassle-free.

Connect with Us

If your esteemed company in Taiwan is looking to recruit Indian workers and harness the potential of our skilled workforce, we invite you to explore our services further. Visit our official website www.Manpowerofindia.in for detailed information about our offerings, industry expertise, and success stories.

For inquiries and personalized assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at:

Join hands with Indian Manpower Company  and embark on a journey of success, where exceptional talent meets unparalleled opportunities. Let us together shape a future of innovation, growth, and prosperity for your esteemed organization in Taiwan.


Study in Russia | Admission started 2020-2021 | 100% Visa and Admission
Study in Russia | Direct Admission | 100% Visa | Admission Started 2020 – 2021

We offers you opportunity to get education within academic traditions and modern standards at any State University,

Study in Russia

Admission Open for preparatory courses 2020 / 2021.

Those students, who intend to study in Russia, at first, have to study Russian language for one year (preparatory training). But if you want to study medicine, information technology, mechanical engineering, electrical technology or management in English, you do not need spend one year for preparatory training.

The below undergraduate and Master degree subjects are available for study in Russia.

MBBS . MD & Medical Clinical Residency

Electronics, Radio Technics and Communication Systems
Informatics and Computer Technologies
Education and Pedagogyc Sciences
Economics and Management
Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials
Technologies of Materials
Electronics, Radio Technics and Communication Systems
Physics and Astronomy
Technologies of Materials
Linguistics and Literature
Computer and Information Sciences
Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials
Chemical Techlogy
Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials
Mathematics and Mechanics
Computer and Information Sciences
Informatics and Computer Technologies
Linguistics and Literature
Travel & Tourism
Mass Media and Information-Library Science
Construction Engineering and Technology
Chemical Technology
Political Sciences and Regional Studies
Hotel Management & Tourism
Economics and Management
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mathematics and Mechanics
Computer and Information Sciences
Earth Sciences
Biology Science
Physics and Astronomy
Engineering and Technology Land Transport
Management In Technical Systems
Informatics and Computer Technologies
Electronics, Radio Technics and Communication Systems
Management In Technical Systems
Light Industry Technologies
Electricity and Heat-and-Power Engineering
Photonics, Instrumentation, Optical and Biotechnology Systems and Technology
Nuclear Engineering and Technology
Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials
Technologies of Materials
Photonics, Instrumentation, Optical and Biotechnology Systems and Technology
Management In Technical Systems
Informatics and Computer Technologies
Information Security
Electricity and Heat-and-Power Engineering
Engineering and Technology Land Transport
Applied Geology, Mining, Oil and Gas Engineering and Geodesy
Electronics, Radio Technics and Communication Systems
Chemical technology
Industrial Ecology and Biotechnologies
Photonics, Instrumentation, Optical and Biotechnology Systems and Technology
Psychological Sciences
Political Sciences and Regional Studies
Electronics, Radio Technics and Communication Systems
Education and Pedagogyc Sciences
Sociology and Social Work
Mass Media and Information-Library Science
Economics and Management
Psychological Sciences
Mathematics and Mechanics
Linguistics and Literature
Sociology of Politics and International Relations
Compliance and Legal Risk Prevention in the Corporate, Public and Non-Profit Sector
Protected automated information processing and control systems
Blockchain technology is the communication foundation of the digital economy
Computer technology in research
Information technology in robotics
Methods of nonlinear dynamics and mathematical modeling
Photonics of nanostructures
Chemical technologies of medicines
Biomedical nanotechnologies
Experimental radiology
Pharmaceutical and Radiopharmaceutical Materials Science
Physics in nuclear medicine
Modern technology of light water nuclear reactors
Materials for Nuclear Application
Experimental Nuclear Physics, Cosmic Physics and Physics of Fundamental Interactions
Environmental toxicology
Data Science
Metallurgical Machinery

Language studies – Russian ,German, English,French, Spanish etc.

No IELTS | TOEFL | English test  required | Direct Admission .

For under graduate studies 12th passed required any % will be accepted.

We will assist for admission selection, Invitation and Visa stamping in Russian embassy.


Study MBBS in Russia, MBBS Fees in Russia, MBBS Admission 2020

The level of MBBS study in Russia is well developed and advanced. About 30 positions are occupied by the top Russian Medical Universities in World Ranking. All universities are recognized by MCI – Medical Council of India, WHO, European Council, and likewise. The degree awarded to students after completion of MBBS in Russia is M.D (Physician), which is equivalent to MBBS in India. Russian medical universities become a global educational hub for medical studies. Indian students passing MBBS from Russia are eligible for the MCI screening test in India. Thousands of doctors who studied MBBS from Russia are already practicing in India.

Cost to Study MBBS in Russia:

Compared to India, the cost of studying MBBS in Russia is affordable and reliable. Russian medical universities offer a smooth platform to the Indian students, where they don’t have to pay the high tuition fees. Apart from this, there is no system of donation for admission in MBBS in Russia. Now coming to the MBBS course fees, the tuition fees for MBBS in Russia is subsidized by the Education Ministry of Russian Federation, which makes it cheaper to study MBBS in Russia for international students. The average fees for MBBS in Russia is 4000 US Dollars ( 2,80,000 Indian Rupees) per year only which is affordable fees.

Russian Medical universities which are most liked by Indian students for MBBS in Russia.

  1. Bashkir State Medical University, Russia
  2. Orel State Medical University, Russia
  3. Volgograd State Medical University, Russia
  4. Crimea State Medical University/Crimean Federal University, Russia
  5. Altai State Medical University, Russia
  6. Kazan Federa University, Russia
  7. Kursk State Medical University, Russia
  8. Orenburg State Medical University, Russia
  9. Ulyanovsk State University, Russia
  10. Belgorod State University, Russia
  11. Mari State Medical University, Russia
  12. Perm State Medical University, Russia
  13. Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University, Russia
  14. Peoples’ Friendship University, Moscow, Russia
  15. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Russia

According to a survey, these are the Russian universities where highest number of Indian students enrolled for MBBS studies.

MBBS Course Fees in Russia

Low-cost MBBS Fees and affordable living costs, attract more and more Indian students to study MBBS in Russia. Russia has turned out to be one of the prestigious educational hub for Indian students. To know better let us check out the MBBS fees structure of Russian medical universities.

MBBS Fees in Russia for 2020-2021 Academic year.  Please see the below fees approximately for various Universities in Russia. Universities located in large cities , fees will be more.
1st Year Fees 3800 US Dollars 300 US Dollars 4100 US Dollars 2,87,000 Rupees
2nd & 3rd yr. Fees 3400 US Dollars/yr. 200 US Dollars/yr. 3600 US Dollars/yr. 2,52,000 Rupees/yr.
4,5,6th yr Fees 3000 US Dollars/yr. 200 US Dollars/yr. 3200 US Dollars/yr. 2,24,000 Rupees/yr.
Total fees for 6 Years 20,900 USD RS. 14,63,000 (approx.) (1 USD= 70 INR)
Our PROCESSING FEES (one time) RS 50,000 to Rs 75,000 Condition applied. Processing Fee Includes: Application fee+ Invitation + Visa Fee+ Assistance in Russia


Living Cost:

Russia is not such an expensive country as you think. Apart from university fees, you need to spend around 100 USD to 150 USD per month for food and other personal expenses.

Academic Session of MBBS colleges in Russia

Russian medical universities start their academic year from 1st September. There are 2 semesters in an educational year, September to January month and February to June. 1st-semester examinations are held in January month whereas second-semester exams are held in June. Winter vacation is from 20th January. to 7th February. and summer vacation is from 15th July to 31st August.

MBBS course duration in Russia:

6 years for English Medium MBBS Programme.
7 years for Russian Medium MBBS Programme, including 1 year Russian language course.

Eligibility for MBBS in Russia

Admissions are based on past academic scores of applicant. Some basic criteria to be eligible:

  • The applicant has at least 50% marks in 10+2 in science subjects.
  • Candidate must be 17 years of age by December 31 of the year of admission to MBBS in Russia.
  • The applicant must qualify in NEET Exam to get admission.
  • The applicant is not suffering from any contagious disease i.e. tuberculosis, HIV AIDS, etc.


The medium of instruction for MBBS in Russia – English medium or Russian medium?

Basically, there are three types of MBBS courses in Russia – MBBS course in full Russian Medium, Bilingual MBBS Course ( 3 years English and 3 years Russia medium) and some colleges that offer fully English medium MBBS course. However, the elementary Russian language is also taught to foreign students during the fully English medium MBBS in Russia, so that they can interact with local patients during their practical training. International students who will choose to study MBBS in Russia in English medium, do not need to take any sort of language preparatory course.

Documents required for admission in MBBS in Russia:

  1. Class 12 pass certificate and mark-sheet,
  2. Class 10 mark-sheet,
  3. NEET UG Score Card,
  4. 6 passport size color photograph in white background,
  5. Scanned copy of Passport (First and Last Page),
We provide the following services to Indian students
  • Providing students with all necessary information about the University and living in Russia.
  • Admission letter from University.
  • Invitation/VISA letter from Ministry of External Affairs of Russia.
  • Visa processing from the Russian Embassy.
  • MCI Registration.
  • Booking of Air Ticket.
  • Accompany students during travel if required.
  • Assistance in immigration registration in the Russian Federation.
  • Making all the necessary arrangements to provide students with hostel accommodation.
  • Organizing local sightseeing tours of the city and the region.
  • Assisting students in undergoing medical checkup.
  • Help in obtaining student ID card, hostel card, International card.
  • Assistance in the opening of Bank account in Russia.



Please be informed that from the world over, there is a large number of applicants who want to study MBBS in Russia and the seats are limited and hence admissions are given strictly on a first come first served basis and depend on the final discretion of the university as per the availability. Therefore, is it better to apply early to get admission in top medical universities of Russia.

Please Contact us in our India office through email, call or whatsaap below.


Office: E/309/Crystal Plaza . Opp: Infinity Mall. Andheri Link Road. Andheri West – Mumbai – 400053.

Call | Whatsaap | Viber | IMO + 91-9892160417  | Email: studyabroad@Manpowerofindia.in

Students and parents from South Indian states Tamilnadu, Kerala , Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and Middle Eastern countries  please contact our Tamil , Malayalam , Hindi & English  speaking Representative for further information.

Ms Yogeswari – Call or Whatssap – +91-9025155218 or +971-506846735 , send her email: yogeswari@gulfroute.com  .

Student & Parents in Dubai, UAE , Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman,Bahrain & Kuwait or other Gulf countries Please contact our Representative Mr Pareed ( speaks Malayalam , Tamil & Hindi )

Call + 971-0554202188  ( Dubai )  or  Whatssp – + 91-9539003323 .




                           Dear Job seekers | Students | Business Person
      Are you looking for work , Live and do Business  in European Union countries or Canada ?

Work & Settle in Poland , Germany , Romania , Belgium , Sweden , Norway , United Kingdom , Italy , Portugal in Europe and Canada in North America.

Visa Application , documentations all procedures from India are really quite confusion and lengthy process .

                                     So we advice You travel via Ukraine & Russia  .

   We will assist you step by Step | Study , Work and Settle in Europe


Application Procedures :   Travel to Ukraine and Russia on Student Visa. Learn Language ,Russian , Ukrainian , Poland, German, Swedish, English, Norwegian & Danish .

If you are planning to work in Germany , learn German Language or If you are planning to work in Poland learn Polish language.

Your Student visa duration will be 1 year or you can always extend your visa as many as years you want to study in Ukraine or Russia.

After Completions of your 6 months study we will start process your work permit in European countries.

Time frame for work permit 3 to 6 months . So we advice you study the language still end of your course , we will process your work permit for Europe.

Age Limit :  18 to 45 Years. ( Male / Female )

Study Language : Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Norwegian, danish, Portuguese etc.

Or Study Bachelor or Master Degree.

Do Business :  If you want to start your business in Ukraine or Russia or any European countries after completions of your course we will assist you for business registration ,visa, virtual office and later you can sponsor your family to come and live with you. OR IF YOU WANT TO DO BUSINESS YOU CAN DIRECT TRAVEL ON BUSINESS VISA THE COST WILL BE US $ 4000 FOR BUSINESS MIGRATION COST LIKE VISA, COMPANY REGISTRATION ETC.

Language Course Fees :  US $ 1500 to 2500 per year depends on the country and University. University Fees you will have to Pay when you arrive in Russia and Ukraine.

Hostel fees :  US $ 100 to $ 150 per month – Food cost $ 100 per month.

Our Professional Fees : US $ 1500 for the above services ( First payment $ 300 +  $ 1200 ).

Other Cost : Candidates will have to pay yearly Insurance , DHL fees for incoming documents etc.

Placement Fees in Europe : US $ 1500 – Payable after 6 months when we process your work permit procedures while you are in Ukraine or Russia.

Documents Required :  Send us your CV, 12th Passed Certificate for Invitation , clear Passport Pages & Photos.

Visa Application :  Visa Application in India for Russia and Ukraine we will assist you in India.

If you are a Student , Job Seeker or Business person want to work, study or do business in Euroepan countries we will assist you by means.



                                                       CONTACT US
                                               INDIAN MANPOWER CORPORATION
                  Email:    studyabroad@manpowerofindia.in    

 Call | Whatsaap | IMO | Whatsaap | Viber    + 91-9136001702  |  + 91-9892160417

             Website :   www.manpowerofindia.in  |  www.indianmanpower.co




Study Abroad
Study Abroad – Admission started in Ukraine,Russia and Azerbaijan 2020.





  • Forestry Engineering
  • Heat Power Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Municipal Engineering
  • Radio Engineering
  • Instrumentation Technology
  • Water Supply, Sewerage
  • Bio engineering & Medical Equipment
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Food Technology
  • Mining Engineering
  • Highway Engineering
  • Technological Machines & Equipment Technology
  • Naval & Ocean Engineering
  • Railway Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology (English)
  • Medical – MBBS , MD & Nursing
  • Hotel Management & Tourism
  • BBA & MBA.
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Construction & Civil Engineering
  • Language Studies     …….  and many more.


We provide 100% admission and 99% visa to all the students from India.

Migration options to western European countries during or after studies .

Admission Procedures: Students need to send us your CV, all educational and experience certificates, Passport copies and photographs.We will prepare the documentations.Our service charge will be Rs 88,500 ( US $ 1200 ) per student, first processing fees will be Rs 22,100 (the US $ 300 ) . Students need to transfer the payment to our bank account. We will start the process of admission. We will arrange the acceptance letters from the University, interviews,  Invitation letter, Airport pickup etc. Balance payments payable after receiving the visas from the embassy.

Certificate Attestation: Apostille and Attestation in India or Legalization is a process of document and certificate authentication observed by international governments. If you want to use document abroad, then local authorities require it to be legalized before it can be considered valid. We carry out all attestation works, students will have to pay extra for their certificates attestations.

Students / Parents, please contact us for the Admission for 2020 -2021.

Indian Manpower Corporation for Study Abroad.

Email:    studyabroad@manpowerofindia.in    

Call | Whatsaap | IMO | Whatsaap | Viber    + 91-9136001702  |  + 91-9892160417

Website :   www.manpowerofindia.in  |  www.indianmanpower.co

Indian Manpower


Indian Manpower Recruitment Corporation company is a leading Recruitment company with Corporate Office in Mumbai , India and branch & associates offices across 30 cities in India.

Indian Manpower Supply Company    is specialized in Recruitment  is one of the largest providers of efficient manpower and HR services . Our main aim is to provide efficient workers and manpower for all professional fields. We are proud to have great companies of India . Our versatility enables us to recruit manpower of diverse field like- Architecture, Medical, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil Engineering and Heavy Equipment Power, Petrochemical, Water Treatment and Refineries and Gas Processing.

We introduce ourselves Indian Manpower Supply Contracting company, an Indian employment agency that carefully screens candidates and then matches their qualifications and personalities to specific employer requirements. For more than 20  years,  Indian Manpower has been a leading provider of efficient, strategic and cost-effective staffing solutions to thousands of businesses throughout Middle Eastern countries Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Singapore, Libya, and Malaysia, etc.

We supply the workers to the following Industries.

1)    Construction & Engineering

2)    Hotels & catering

3)    Retails & malls

4)    Cleaning

5)    Facility management

6)    Security

7)    Health care

8)    Power & Energy

9)    Transport & Logistics

Our wide networks offer a powerful combination of locally focused market expertise coupled with a track record of innovation and excellence.

Indian Manpower company meets the diverse staffing needs of its clients by providing skilled assignment employees who arrive at the workplace ready to contribute productively. Staffing solution options include traditional temporary help, project staffing, professional-level staff, strategic partnerships and regular, full-time hires.

Our dedicated team of HR professionals can assess your needs and help you get the most suitable staff at the shortest possible time, and most of all to suit your budget!

Please contact us If you are looking to recruit Indian workers for short or long term contracts.

Interested companies looking for recruit workers from India and Nepal Please do contact us.

Email:    recruit@manpowerofindia.in     |   indianmanpowercorporation@gmail.com

Call | Whatsaap | IMO | Whatsaap | Viber    + 91-9136001702   |  + 91-9892160417

Website :   www.manpowerofindia.in  |  www.indianmanpower.co

Auto mechanic
Car Mechanics / Auto Mechanics Required for Saudi Arabia
Our Client a large Auto Mobile Work shop located in Saudi Arabia looking for recruit Car Mechanics and Auto mobile Mechanics.

Job Role:  Car Mechanics / Auto Mobile / Heavy Vehicles Mechanics.

Job Location: Saudi Arabia

Salary SR 1500 to SR 3000 per month + Food allowance + Accommodation & Transport FREE.

Experience Required : Should have minimum 5+ years experience in India or Abroad.

Documents Required:  CV , all educational and experience certificates, passport pages and some photos of work shops where you are working.

Send All the documents Email:  indianmanpowercorporation@gmail.com

Our Service charge / Commission : Applicable.

Call for more information :  9892160417


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